domenica 15 gennaio 2017


You chose to get married in January are you aware that you have chosen a "magic" period: In fact, in the very first form of the Roman calendar this month appears, then is added by Numa Pompilius, and is considered as a period of "transition" and "change".typical flower of this month is the carnation, but also oak and ice become the main elements on which to rotate a marriage that has as its main setting of the picturesque scenery of this month.In January, or mostly in the winter, it is preferable to marry of day; during the morning temperatures are milder and the guests can enjoy the wedding with the heat of the sun: it is very likely that the day of the event is a beautiful sunny day; this cold month in Italy gives us almost every year several days full of light.The ideal location for a simply-chic wedding in January is definitely situated in a mountain area, perhaps near a lake or in front of snow-covered mountains. But also choose the sea will make unique and unforgettable this day.
After choosing the location, the month, the decorations, the invitations sent the most exciting thing is for sure the choice of the bride.
But it will be easy and fun to do while staying at home thanks to the wide choice of clothes that are on this new site where the quality and convenience are the strengths born in 2013. An online shop of wedding dresses, dresses, evening dresses, jewelry, costumes, always looking for new trends and new lines to impress its customers. These guidelines make them leaders in their field. One of their goals is to provide superior quality in their products at competitive prices.

The first rule to follow when choosing your wedding dress is to evaluate the best model according to your body! To determine the dress model will in fact just your body and its forms!

If you are a bride with wide hips: no clothes clingy the critical point, pointing instead to a bustier that enhances the upper part of your body.
For curved and shapely bride: who has a physical buttery best to stay away from dresses with light fabrics that do not define the lines of corpo.Ma choose more structured fabrics that allow to exploit the strengths of your physical

Brides bassine: would like to have a few more inches in height? The right dress can help you to be more slender, more than they can not make a pair of shoes with heels.
Bride with physical pear: the weak spot are the sides that dominate the silhouette of this kind of physical
Bride with little breast: There are little tricks to make its more buxom cleavage, but with a dress with corset will be wonderful.

If you are a bride with large breasts: the dress must have a corset that holds and enhance your cleavage without going overboard. Your strength will be the waistline 

Brides high: any model will be fine but attentive to the volumes

Bride physically Hourglass: attention to the breasts and hips, but with textured fabrics will help to contain these two points, to enhance the bust and slanciarvi,
 And for brides with a sporty physique, a princess dress could be the perfect solution.

I hope my advice will have been useful ... for a dream wedding

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