mercoledì 14 dicembre 2016

On New Year Wedding

Short Prom Dresses at millybridal
Have you already decided which dress to wear for the New Year's Eve? And if it were a wedding? Maybe that of your marriage. Accessoriatelo with gold or silver shoes and jewelry with precious stones. Add the colored gloves that reflect the color of the coat and a clutch ...
The result will be nothing less than extraordinary. If the 'wedding dress is already decorated the game is simpler. Just pair it with themed accessories. It will seem a real evening gown. And for anyone who has not worn the dress of life can grasp the opportunity to exhibit for the New Year's Eve a real wedding dress embellished with sequins, crystals, decorations or glittering embroidery at the height of an evening very important. I selected some really spectacular from the latest bridal collections.

These are just some classics and sparkling examples but for the most exuberant the latest model is for you
There are many WEDDING DRESSES 2017 on DressFashion in order to choose a dress sa dream for your wedding 

venerdì 9 dicembre 2016

STYLEWE: The Tute Elegant, an Alternative Class and Fashion

The elegant suit has become a must have this season but not only that, but how does the suit and how to match it to our body?
If you expect an important occasion, or just a special night but I do not like to wear the usual clothes or the usual trousers here is the alternative for you, the elegant suit.
The suit, also known jumpsuit born as men's casual clothing or work, until a few years ago in fact, wore mainly paratroopers. 
The jumpsuit  started life as a protective garment for the body of people who practiced very pericolos jobs

The elegant suit today has become a trend that can not be waived. Comfortable and easy to match. 
We find it in different fabrics, silk, cotton, and according to the effect that we want to have, we can choose the most appropriate for us. They come with a high waist belt, that will enhance the waist and make you look more slender hips.

For a lean physique will need to focus attention at the top, or to highlight the neckline, maybe V and high-waisted almost from under the breast. If you are not very high and you have long legs you can show off the short suit models.

The variations are endless and the choice just as hard, you can bring it with long sleeves, short, sleeveless or bustier. There are also lace patterns that create the effect see-remaining very elegant and not seeming at all vulgar.
The suitable and elegant color is black, but there are infinite color variations to choose from: very fashionable pink salmon, warm and light colors, but on the catwalks there really suits any color, is up to you to choose which one you prefer! to choose among all those proposed on STYLEWE
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mercoledì 7 dicembre 2016

Get married at Christmas: poetic and chic!

Short Prom Dresses at millybridal
Choose to get married at Christmas means to dive into a magical world, surrounded by lights, pine, poinsettia and glittering decorations typical of this time of year! A particular choice, rich in beauty and poetry, ideal for those who love the romance of snowy landscapes and warm and luminous atmosphere.
Despite the season, there are no special rules for apparel choice, so every bride can follow their own tastes in shapes and styles as long as you match the dress also a cop, a shawl or a coat to cover themselves when they go outdoors .
you can choose a dress with sleeves and hoods in white coat, very well suited to the circumstances. Or opt for a long white cloak with a hood, like the princesses in fairy tales! The short dress is very chic and very suitable for those who choose not to marry in church.
On this model we can combine a long cloak with hood and fur

And instead of qust'ultimo model you will very well vrederi a hat in white hair and very hot paired sleeves

There are many WEDDING DRESSES 2017 on DressFashion in order to choose a dress sa dream for your wedding 


Vi presento i miei ultimi acquisti, per un inverno caldo e divertente per la mia cucciola.

Twinset Leggings, caldi  e comodi e un po' vanitosi. Hanno sui classici pantaloni una gonnellina che li rende davvero fashion. Molto apprezzati e subito indossati senza fare storie.

Felpa con cappuccio, molto calda con um mantello che fa apparire delle ali come una leggera farfalla, che puo' essere rimosso. Sul cappuccio ci sono delle antenne e degli occhietti sul cappuccio e dei pon pon per renderla ancora piu' simpatica.

martedì 29 novembre 2016

The most beautiful wedding dresses

Short Prom Dresses at millybridal
In the coming months you will then pronounce the fateful "yes, I do" but still fumbling in the dark looking for the perfect gown for you? Fear not, the trends for the autumn winter 2016 bride content tastes and the most diverse styles.
The choice of the wedding is one of the most delicate points (and loved) by the women who approach the fateful day. From the winter wedding dresses are endless for this season and the choice is not 'easy: simple, exaggerated, colorful, long, short, lace or silk.
In short, you just have to look at the photos I chose and be inspired by the wide selection of wedding dresses.

Wedding Dress Glamorous model mermaid with lace applications

This model is very special, for those looking for an extra touch. Wedding dress in chiffon with high collar and long to touch the floor, with a stunning backless

 A wedding dress asymmetric long sleeve with lace applications, in two pieces. Original and very romantic

There are many WEDDING DRESSES 2017 on DressFashion in order to choose a dress sa dream for your wedding

lunedì 21 novembre 2016


Ho trovato un modo facile e veloce per fare acquisti su internet, con prezzi convenienti e vasta scelta di prodotti per accontentare tutti i componenti della famiglia e non solo. Moda donna, uomo, bimbi, accessori e scarpe per tutti i gusti. Articoli per la casa ed il tempo libero di qualita' e garantiti.

Ecco i miei ultimi acquisti dedicati alla piccola di casa e al maritino al quale ho aggiunto un piccolo vezzo per il mio divano.

 Cappellino per il marito che e' sempre alla ricerca di quello perfetto. Questo ha lo stile militare e sembra gia' essere stato usato con regolazione posteriore.

Piumino invernale con cappuccio, comodo vivace e caldo per la mia bimba con una bellissima applicazione a forma di treccia che lo rende un capo unico.

Comoda maglietta a maniche lunghe con un simpatco coniglietto.

Federa per cuscino divano a tema Halloween per un tocco di allegria, di ottima qualità e fattezze. Con apertura ampia per infilare in modo veloce il cuscino.

Questi sono gli ultimi miei acquisti su ROSE WHOLESALE ma credo che ben presto farò un altro ordine per non farmi scappare le grandi occasioni del "BLACK FRIDAY"
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Prince Charming Autumn

Short Prom Dresses at millybridal
Silhouette Romantic, Chantilly lace details, sensual look with ruffles falls ... For brides tomorrow (like those of yesterday and today) the dress of their dreams, what to say yes to Prince Charming, to be unique. But also elegant, simple and chic.Here are some more fascinating proposals of the moment for the collections for Fall-Winter 2017, with creations that make you dream of any girl in love.In the new collections are luxury and fantasy with elaborate pearl embroidery and beadwork creations inspired by Grace Kelly. Silhouette mermaid princess and are characterized by rich and sumptuous decor of tulle and lace, as well as long veils and cloaks.No shortage floral motifs also replicated on precious capes in tulle. Garments with simple and linear lines alternate with princess silhouette with a 3D cascading petals.Whether romantic and classical or modern and daring, here are some suggestions for the most special dress of your life. For those of you he has already found Prince Charming, or if you're still waiting. Dreaming is always granted.

How about this wedding dress with lace and tulle long sleeves?

The second model is breathtaking, a siren model flattering prejudice elengante and unique, to which combined a romantic shawl

what about this that seems a real organza cloud?
There are many WEDDING DRESSES 2017 on DressFashion in order to choose a dress sa dream for your wedding

giovedì 17 novembre 2016

A tutti noi è capitato di decidere o di aver bisogno di comprare un prodotto nuovo e come tutte le cose prima di decidere parte una lunga ricerca per cercare di capire dove troviamo l'articolo che ci interessa, al miglior prezzo e qualità.  E la maggior parte delle volte le informazioni che troviamo spesso ci mandano in crisi e la rinuncia all'acquisto è quasi certo. nasce proprio per aiutarci in queste scelte. Ci fa recuperare tempo, energia e denaro, proponedoci il prodotto più affidabile con tutte le informazioni per rendere il nostro acquisto fidato e sicuro. Le informazioni che troviamo sul sito sono imparziali e non cercano di promuore più o meno un articolo perche' loro non sono la societa' produttrice. Ma cercano di soddisfare le esigenze dei clienti aiutandoli nel acquisto.

Le loro recensioni sono imparziale. Se ci sono delle caratteristiche negative queste vengono segnalate. Questa è la loro forza.
Si trova sempre la top ten per una ricerca più facile e veloce dei prodotti che vale  pena di acquistare. Quindi acquisto veloce e garantito.

Troviamo tutte le categorie di prodotti: settore automobilistico, prodotti per bambini,per la  bellezza, abbbigliamento,scarpe e gioelli, elettronica, intrattenimento, prodotti per la salute e la casa, prodotti per la cucina, prato e giadino, alimenti per animali, tutto per lo sport e lo svago ed ancora molto altro.

Ora vi mostro qualche articolo 

Tre articoli di tre categorie diverse nella top ten.... a voi la scelta di di dare uno sguardo sul questo sito prima di decidere il vostro prossimo acquisto.