mercoledì 7 dicembre 2016

Get married at Christmas: poetic and chic!

Short Prom Dresses at millybridal
Choose to get married at Christmas means to dive into a magical world, surrounded by lights, pine, poinsettia and glittering decorations typical of this time of year! A particular choice, rich in beauty and poetry, ideal for those who love the romance of snowy landscapes and warm and luminous atmosphere.
Despite the season, there are no special rules for apparel choice, so every bride can follow their own tastes in shapes and styles as long as you match the dress also a cop, a shawl or a coat to cover themselves when they go outdoors .
you can choose a dress with sleeves and hoods in white coat, very well suited to the circumstances. Or opt for a long white cloak with a hood, like the princesses in fairy tales! The short dress is very chic and very suitable for those who choose not to marry in church.
On this model we can combine a long cloak with hood and fur

And instead of qust'ultimo model you will very well vrederi a hat in white hair and very hot paired sleeves

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